What truly matters

I caught myself wide awake at 4 am struggling to fall asleep. These are that kind of nights when your mind is a mess and your motivation is higher than the mountain you wish to climb someday. You hear the birds making their noise and you only wish you had as much life in your body as them. You wonder what is stopping you as the fresh air touches your skin. You close your eyes and let your mind go wherever even just for a minute. In that minute you realize how many things matter and how many things don’t. Fresh air, sunrise, birds and water make you feel so alive and feeling alive is such a beautiful feeling. We stress too much, worry too much, want to much and we forget to look around. No material thing can beat the feeling of freedom while you’re inhaling morning air into your lungs or the sound of your laughter when you’re truly happy.  You’re feeling like all your problems are suddenly gone. Those sleepless nights where made for us. For our body, mind and soul. These sleepless nights are your body’s message that you need to rethink and realize how blessed you actually are.  I have heard this so many times but it’s true. Whatever hurts today will hurt less tomorrow. The sun rises and the sun sets. There is an end to every little thing, good or bad. 

love, Albesa

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