Sunday / September 5, 2021. 

You’re not a burden to me for telling me your’re  struggling or feeling too much. You’re not a burden to me for showing me your messy moments that in reality everybody has. You’re not a burden to me for showing me your pain. I care about you and I will do my best to help you carry your pain until it gets easier for you. Life is full of beautiful moments and painful moments too. We can’t have only the good part of it. Pain is inevitable, however, it’s not forever; especially not when there are people who want to listen to you. You’re only a burden to me if you’re hurting, yet I know nothing about it. And it’s a burden because of the wall you build around yourself which I can’t break without your help. So let’s help each other by simply showing all of what makes us us. Let’s break those walls and let people care about us if they’re willing to. 

The ones who care are rare, 

but they exist, 

there is a couple of them there. 

♡, Albesa. 

It’s suicide prevention month. Please be kind to one another. 

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