When the time to let go comes

A letter dedicated to everyone who’s trying to love themselves more than the other person;

I know you’ve poured love, time and attention into this strange thing that you thought was special, but ended like it was nothing; before it even started properly. I know you’ve given so much of yourself into creating a path that was meant to be for two people but you somehow ended walking all by yourself through it. I’m not trying to take away your sadness, or tell you that you shouldn’t be sad. You’re allowed to be sad. I’m not trying to tell you that it’s not worth it, or some other common words that people say while trying to console us. I’m trying to let you know that you’re not alone, and that there’s someone out there who is willing to listen to you talk about the same thing over and over again, a million times and never make you feel like ‘it’s time to get over it.’ We don’t just get over things, please take your time. There’s no need to rush anywhere. Take your time to rest, heal, and find light again. Take some time to reflect on yourself, and what you need at the moment. Days like these exist, and they’re tricky. We get stuck between the heart, and the brain and those two at times want two completely different things. So what can we do? What’s the solution? That little voice that talks to you, listen to it. It’s your inner voice that’s almost never wrong. If it tells you to walk away, please do so. You keep trying to see only the good in people, you keep trying to find reasons to keep them in your life, but a proper thing doesn’t require trying that hard, to the point where you feel tired more than anything else. You deserve better. You don’t deserve to be confused, wondering whether this person is telling you the truth or not. Whether you’re important to them or not. If you’re constantly questioning whether someone cares about you or not, the answer is already pretty clear. And I’m sorry. These words might not be easy to hear, but the ones who love you need to remind you of some things that you want to forget. You’ve done more than enough. You can’t keep people in your life being the only one who’s trying. You can’t keep giving if you never get anything in return. So let go of what makes you tired, of what keeps taking and taking from you, because at some point, you’ll start feeling like there’s nothing left in you. And knowing how full of love, beautiful energy, and respect you are, ending up feeling empty might be the most devastating thing. 

You deserve better. 

♡ Albesa

(Originally written for my cousin who I love so dearly; I thought I’d be a good idea to share with the people of my journal)

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