A little something worth keeping in mind

[10:21 PM / Tuesday / October 16, 2018.]

‘I’m not happy.’

Okay, good, you have acknowledged your current emotional state of being. That’s the first step in the process of getting better. The next step is to give yourself arguments and answers that back up your words; why are you unhappy? What is taking your happiness away from you? Recognize what is the biggest issue in your life while keeping in mind that it’s an issue related to you, not someone else, not something else. A lot of the things that could be answers to the question ‘why are you unhappy’ are external additions to your unhealthy state of being, but definitely not the cause. People who suffer emotionally tend to get lost in all of the things that bother them without realizing that the root of their emotional state is the fact that they’re unhappy with themselves; the way they look, the way they behave, the way they treat themselves and others, and so on. If you’re unhappy, take this as a reminder which might help you know where to look for real answers. The answers are all within yourself. It’s yourself that you need to work on. 

And don’t forget, not feeling well is okay. Asking for help is okay. There isn’t a single thing you should be ashamed of. We’ll get better, learn, grow, improve, and then help others do the same. That’s the way we can make the world a little less sad. 

Love, Albesa

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