Positive responsibilities

[9:00 PM / Thursday / February 28, 2019.]

Feeling like you’re not good enough? 

Thinking we’re not good enough has become easier than ever. We’re surrounded by unhealthy ideas and unrealistic expectations all the time, coming from people, social media, tv shows or food. In order to improve the quality of your life, taking care of your surroundings is a must. Pay attention to what kind of information you allow your mind to believe. Distance yourself as much as possible from everything that damages your well-being in any way. Understand that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. Be open to trying new things, especially the ones you don’t feel good enough for. I understand how scary this may sound but fear is mostly the product of our exaggerated imagination which is often way more upsetting than the reality itself. What happened before can’t be changed, you can only learn from it so live with your past, not in it. Appreciate your time and energy. Don’t belittle the qualities that you own. Eliminate lowering your standards for a temporary distraction that you’ll probably regret at some point. Choose/decide not to pay attention to unhealthy thoughts and ideas by instantly replacing them with some positive ones. Focus on what’s right in your life, I’m sure there are quite a few things you (unconsciously) take for granted. Be very, very grateful. Be consistent; put in the work required for that improvement you want for yourself. Ask for help.

And my dear people, don’t take words so personally. It’s not always you the one who sucks. The way people make you feel about yourself says a lot about how they feel about themselves.

Love, Albesa 

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