Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

Breathe and exist apart from them for a moment. Live your life doing your own thing. Try not to get consumed by the situation, beating yourself up, wondering why things didn’t work between you and whoever is on your mind right now. You’re allowed to be sad, disappointed and heartbroken. You’re allowed to take your time. Your feelings are important and valid. However, it’s no good to pause your life for too long, waiting and hoping you’ll receive a message from them or some other confirmation that they haven’t forgotten about you. Whether they have forgotten about you or not, it has little to nothing to do with you. There’s a reason why people go separate ways; that becomes very clear when our emotions settle down, so give it time and time shall give you the answers to your questions. Some answers we already know, but have a hard time accepting them. Maybe after some time, common ground can be found. Maybe after some time, you will both be able to understand each other much better. Maybe not. Sometimes we’re simply too different to be in each other’s lives. And that’s okay too. Maybe letting go really is the best thing to do at times. There are a lot of maybes, and in that case, the best thing to do is separate your idea of happiness from them, whoever that person is and no matter how hard it is. At times, caring for someone from afar is the only healthy option. If two people have not found their own selves yet, the first thing they need to take care of is finding their path. Your individual paths will either eventually cross again, or go in two completely different directions; but keep it real with yourself and your expectations. A ‘maybe’ is more likely to be a ‘no’ than a ‘yes’.

If there’s one thing you need to keep in mind, it’s this one:

only when you’ve found your own self, are you able to find everything else that’s also looking for you.

♡, Albesa

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