Because of my grandma

 Saturday / August 17, 2019

What I had with my grandma, I can not have with anyone else and I don’t even want to. What I can and will do is take pieces of it and reflect it on my other relationships. I will pour pure love, trust, and support into my relationships, just like my grandma did. The people in my life will always know they’re loved and supported, just like I knew I was with my grandma. My grandma was a true light, not only for me but for many other people. She was a light that you only meet once in a lifetime, but is strong enough to keep you going even after it’s gone. My grandma showed me what it’s like to love and be loved properly, and only now do I realize she did me a lifetime favor. Because of her, and her beautiful mind, I have a lifetime learning source. Because of her, I’m able to recognize true love and support. Because of her, I’m able to respect myself and kindly walk away from things that are no longer healthy for me. I keep going pretty bravely because I have you to guide me through our memories. I keep believing I’ll be just fine because I have your words to remember when I don’t know what to do.

This entire life won’t be enough to express how much I miss you.

Gjyshe t’du shume.

*This story was inspired by today’s dream. I decided to keep the details to myself, but still share and praise what my grandma and I had with you reading this.

♡ Albesa

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