Veganism; my short story

Veganism is, I’m sure you’ve already heard, a lifestyle that promotes a cruelty-free way of life. Vegans don’t consume animal products such as meat, fish, dairy products and eggs,  don’t wear clothes or shoes made of leather or wool and vegans don’t buy products that were tested on animals. My story began in 2013. After struggling with eating disorders for a couple months, I decided to go vegetarian; it’s definitely one of the best decisions I had made till then. Almost four years of being vegetarian passed until I knew I wanted to take the last step towards becoming the best version of myself and go vegan. I finally did it on December 8, 2016. I’m aware that it’s still very strange when people don’t eat meat because it’s something that’s been done for thousands and thousands of years. It’s considered to be human nature; but if it was human nature, how could we survive and be completely healthy without meat and other animal products? If you ask me I think it’s just a habit and habits are not one of the things that people like to change. The past year and this present year count more vegans than ever, and I’m sure, it’s because people are taking their time to realize what’s best for them. A lot of people ask me why won’t I eat eggs or drink milk considering the fact that animals don’t have to die in order to get their eggs or milk. What people aren’t aware of is that animals that produce milk and eggs suffer in cages for years and years before they die. I don’t want to be a part of all that suffering. Never again. I don’t want to make non-vegans feel guilty, I want them to get informed and see what happens in that cruel industry and then decide if they want to be a part of it or not. Living as a vegan makes me happy, peaceful and fulfilled even when other things suck. I may be bad at other things but at least there is one thing I’m good at and that is being kind to every living being not only humans and I don’t think that being kind can be bad for me or you or anyone else.

Vegan for animals, the planet, the future and myself.

Love, Albesa

6 thoughts on “Veganism; my short story

  1. Really sweet story.
    A big reason many people go vegan is because it is the healthiest diet, without considering ethics at all.
    Check out my vegan related content if you want to learn about how destructive meat dairy and egg consumption are to health


      1. Most people do it for that reason which makes sense because technically veganism is about ethics and not health anyway; I just think too many people who aren’t influenced by ethics are missing the health message and labeling vegans as virtue signalers because they see veganism as having nothing to offer them.

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