A word or two about self-respect

It’s quite strange to me how you can meet people, they become a part of your life for a certain time and then it’s all gone. Everyone I’ve ever met has left a piece of themselves with me. I remember what they told me, I remember their life stories, I even remember their birthdays and daily routines. Sometimes I wonder how I remember so many small details about people, they would probably freak out if they knew. But when it’s all gone, what do we do? I’m very good at detaching, and continuing to live my life, but letting go is as sad as it is relieving. Sad because these people become a part of your life, you share details about your day with them, and they do the same with you. You get used to them and then all of a sudden, you know nothing about their day anymore. You don’t know if they graduated, if they got that job they talked about, if they visited that one place they were planning to. But sometimes you just have to wish them well. There is a reason why you choose to let go, no matter how hard it may seem at the moment when you’re still very much attached to the person. The point of this story is to bring awareness to self-respect. Self-respect or self-love is the answer to everything. There is nothing that you can’t get over when you’re fully aware of your worth and qualities. Once again, there’s a reason why things end. That one person was simply not for you; apologies in advance if that sounds a little too harsh. Your body recognises who is good for you and who isn’t. The feeling that you get when someone is unsure of you is like no other, it leaves you confused, and questioning a lot of things; and ignoring it won’t change anything. An interested person will make the chemicals in your brain go crazy; in a good way. Instead of insisting, waiting, or staying where you don’t belong, revalue yourself and make a decision that is genuinely good for you. You might miss that one person for a certain time but as you start focusing on yourself more, satisfaction, joy and peace will occur, and you will love it so much!. As time passes by, you will know exactly why certain things happened. You will be at peace, doing your own thing, without holding grudges. So one last word; if you’re not fully respected, appreciated, loved and valued just the way you are- leave. If they make you feel bad in any way, or small, or not good enough in any way – leave. If they can’t make a decision, you make the decision; to leave. Do not tolerate. Leave and love yourself, it will all make so much sense after some time. And you will be so proud of yourself for choosing yourself. That’s your duty in life. And mine, and everyone else’s. Self-love first, everything else second. 

♡, A.

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