Self love and letting go

The most powerful feeling a human being can possibly feel is love, and I’m talking about love in every way possible, not only the romantic one. It’s what motivates us, inspires us, what makes us strong, what makes us weak and many more things I believe a lot of you have experienced. When someone mentions the word ‘love’ it’s usually the romantic kind of love, which is fine. Today I’m putting my focus on something that I feel is kind of ignored and that is self-love. We spend so many years in school learning things that are truly irrelevant to many of us, filling our brains with information we will never use and then all of a sudden we’re about to graduate and we don’t even feel like we know anything. What is life? Life is a mixture of things, experiences, people and you. Yes, you. Your life starts when you start with yourself when you start loving and appreciating yourself the way you love and appreciate other people (even the ones who don’t deserve it) Let me tell you something. I used to be a completely different person. I used to make people think they could reach out to me whenever they wanted/felt the need to, and I never felt like I could reach out to them. I used to find excuses for someone’s behavior because I didn’t want to accept the fact that someone wasn’t the way I thought they were, I think I wanted to escape from my disappointments. I used to do many more things, including ignoring people who truly loved me because I didn’t think about the fact that their love could be gone. All these things used to make me sad, anxious and depressed. I never knew that being nice to someone could cause me pain and other negative feelings. I kept wondering what I did wrong when all I did was be supportive. Years later, I’m here writing this post knowing that letting people go was the best decision I could ever make. People who stop you from growing as a person and cause you pain are people who you need to leave behind in order to finally realize what self-love is. All the love and time you spent trying to please other people is now free and ready for you. The energy you spent on other people and never got it back from them is now ready to be given back to you. Keep the good people around, people who are good for your health and do your thing. Appreciate all the love you have been given and don’t take it for granted. Let yourself heal from things that used to hurt you. Do what you love and don’t look back at what your life used to look like. You’re the only person living your life, so live it the way you want to. Realize things others never did, and most importantly, realize how amazing you are.

Love, Albesa

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