In the midst of a huge, mixed mess

I’ve missed you so much my dear journal. I hate myself for not writing more on here. It’s always on my mind and then I just leave it for some reason. Typing this feel so nice and refreshing for my mind and soul. This place is my favourite place. My happy place, my safe place, my sad place. A go to place no matter what I’m going through. What do I have to write about today? A lot of things are going on. So, so many things. From family problems, financial problems, to repairing a friendship with a long time best friend. I’m okay, but I’m also heartbroken, and sad, and happy, and hopeful and all sorts of different feelings. I don’t know what’s going. Let me tell you about my job first, because it’s a beautiful coincidence. About a month ago, I was doing some basic uni work, writing an essay or something, and I went to facebook to check something related to that. A facebook sponsored post popped up and oh god, how can I not believe that some things are simply  meant to be? The facebook sponsored post was about an English language school for children and teens, they were looking for new teachers. It was the last day to apply, and when I saw that post, it was already 8 PM. I read the post quickly because I was busy doing uni work, which was also due midnight and was thinking to myself ‘oh God, do I apply or what?’ I decided to to apply. I quickly wrote my motivational letter and CV and applied. I wasn’t expecting anything but I received a call the next morning. I was shocked! Long story short, I had to take this teaching training that they do, to train the future teachers (pretty obvious haha lol). I passed it, and now I’m a certified English teacher for children age 3-8. Can you imagine??? It blows my mind honestly. The teaching training was an amazing experience. I learned a lot, met new and amazing people and passed the training. Since I passed the training, I also got the job so I will be starting work in Septembers when the schools open. I’m now waiting for my diploma to arrive; I will stare at it all the time once it arrives haha! I’m so happy about that so yeah, that’s about this beautiful coincidence. The family situation is pretty much the same. Nothing has changed, we’re still waiting for the money so we can invest somewhere and open a new business. The situation has not been the greatest. It’s been hard, really hard but what is there to do? I’m trying to stay hopeful but not gonna lie, I’m not hoping anymore. I have a feeling we will not be getting that money. I don’t know. I can’t wait for all of this to be over because this is simply awful. Terrible. Moving on to another thing; my ex long term best friend called me about a week ago. We had been friends for about 10-11 years before I decided to go my separate way for multiple reasons. It was supposed to be just a phone call but we’ve been texting every day ever since. It’s so weird how we can still talk like we always have. It doesn’t feel like anything has changed. I know we need to talk in person, and I need to apologise for the way I ended the friendship, but as of now, it seems like we’re getting along like we always have. I don’t know. Me and her have always gotten along so well; we’re simply compatible as people. A lot of things have happened between us but I feel like there’s a chance for us to save the friendship. We hadn’t talked in almost a year and a half. A lot has changed in our lives. But we still love each other so much. We still get along so well. Isn’t it worth it to give it one last chance? I honestly don’t know what to say. We definitely need to apologise to each other first, and then see what happens. I hope there will be no more goodbyes. What else do I have to talk about? My best friend / cousin is getting married in a month. Can you imagine? She’s moving to another country, a 13 hour ride away from me. I’m gonna miss her so much, I already am. But I’m happy for her. She found her person, they found each other and now they’re live together and do life together. Isn’t that amazing? They are lucky to have found each other, especially in this day and age when people either don’t want commitment or are scared of it. Love, any type of it, if it feels real, it’s worth going for it. Follow your heart and see what happens. Life is short, and our time is limited, so when you really like someone, make sure to let them know. It’s something that never gets forgotten, which is scary but also pretty amazing. I think that’s about it for today’s story. More to come in the following days.

Till next time, stay safe and truthful.

Oh yeah, just remembered another thing: I got my vaccine! Feeling grateful for it. 

Anyway, that’s it. Bye for today!

♡, Albesa

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