about Albesa

Hello, it’s Albesa, the author and creator of Albesa’s Journal.

Here are a couple of facts about me:

  • My name is Albesa
  • I’m 24 (born on November 2, 1997.)
  • I’m Albanian, born and raised in Croatia
  • My roots are from Kosovo 
  • I’m fluent in Albanian (mother language), Croatian and English. My Spanish is also pretty good and I speak a bit of German too
  • I started writing  a journal when I was 16 
  • Writing a journal has changed my life
  • I also love photography, baking, and nature
  • I’m vegan
  • I study social work 
  • I’m passionate about everything related to mental health and I want to work in that field in the future
  • I would describe myself as friendly, open, compassionate and protective
  • I’m an optimist