The simpliest way to help someone

[9:25 PM / Tuesday / Novemeber 6, 2018]

Sometimes I don’t see the things moving around me, sometimes I don’t hear the noises around me. Not that I don’t want to but because I dig in deep into my thoughts and start having a conversation with myself. Since the world has become a sad place to live in, I tell myself maybe it’s better not to hear it or see it or know anything about it. Maybe it’s better for me to act like my senses don’t work from time to time. But then again, that doesn’t feel right either. Since this sad world that I’m talking about is made out of people, I ask myself: ‘do they need help?’, ‘do they have someone to tell them it’s gonna be fine?’ What an irony life is, we close our eyes, we close our ears yet that’s exactly what we all need. We need to be heard. We need to be seen. We need to be reminded that the sad world we live in is not our forever.

Can’t we all just help each other by  asking the simple yet meaningful ‘how are you?’ Can we all just stop pretending that we don’t care about anyone?  

Love, Albesa 

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